Monday, July 12, 2010


Today Duncan had a Dentist appointment. It was his six month checkup. I always dread this with Duncan because he ALWAYS has cavities. Surprise, cavities this time! YAY, Duncan!!!

As you can see, Jason makes a visit to the dentist office very relaxing.
I was referred to this AWESOME website. It has a bunch of family home evening ideas, and they are simple and fun. So we had the lesson on the Atonement this evening. I told the kids we were having a quiz, and the person who gets them all right gets a treat. So I asked the questions. They were not simple. Of course nobody got all of them right. Than I advised them because I loved them and I knew they had tried their best I would let them have a treat after Family Home Evening.

I then read a story out of the Friend. About, Elder Paul H. Dunn when he was little. It talks about him breaking a window and his father making up the difference. Click on the link, it's worth the read.

We had a good discussion, with Brett giving insight that I wouldn't have known. I bore my Testimony about how much Jesus and Heavenly Father loves us. How much Christ had to go through, for each of us. For everyone of us, personally. Duncan was cute, he said, "Mom, I'm not sure I like Family Home Evening. It makes me all emotional." I smiled and told him that was good, because it meant the spirit was in our home.

We had ice cream and then we all went and ran through the sprinklers in our clothes. It was fun.

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