Thursday, January 21, 2010

Social Sensory Playgroup

We had our Playgroup this morning. On the way up the ramp to the door Jason actually clapped and said YAY! Gotta love it!

He ran in and immediately went for the kitchen. Then switched gears and ran over to the discovery table. He threw the lid off, and then threw a major fit when we put the lid back on. When the rest of the group started to show up, he settled down and went back to the kitchen.

Circle time was tough again. Jason doesn't like to be pulled away from what he's doing. If he changes FINE, but don't make him switch it up!! We sing "Hello, Jason. Hello, Jason. Hello, Jason we're glad you came to play." We wave the whole time. Finally at the end through his tears and fits he started waving. Progress.....

Then free time. He went back to the kitchen and as we were directed I focused on following his lead. It's quite difficult to join in the clean out the fridge and put it on the table game, but I tried.

Then it was structured playtime. He freaked out again, until we went to the table. She had put out some contact paper and had some pom-pom's, feathers, and sequins. He thought this was the BEST! Jason's paper was the only one that was mostly full. He went to town!!! I will have to get some of this stuff for sacrament meeting. Kerianne tried to get involved with him when it was obvious that Jason was just doing his own thing. He would make a little eye contact but other then that he just wanted to make his picture.

Then free time. This time he got trucks and rolled them down the slide. I was happy to have him change his mind, and switch it up instead of going back to the kitchen. When the discovery table had the lid come off, he ran over there and found all the letters and put them on the table. Once he was finished he put them all back in and buried them. He wasn't so bad when we put the lid back on this time, and went back to the slide.

Then closing time. He freaked out again. The fun thing was he would kind of cry and laugh at the same time. Something would strike him as funny in her story, so he would giggle. Then we would cry again, because he wanted to go back to the toys.

He seems to be improving. It's nice to go talk to other grown ups that know what we are dealing with, and encourage what you are trying to do.

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