Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love my Family

We spent the night up at the in-laws again. My Sister-in-Law was going home so we brought the kids up to spend some time with there cousins.

Jason was being my overwhelmed little monkey, but he was doing ok.

He spent some time doing puzzles with Grandma. He takes your hand and makes you show him where the piece goes. Even though, he really can do it all by himself.

He then spent some time with Uncle John sticking the pegs into a peg board. Jason would put them in and then he would grab Uncle John's finger and make him count every one. Then they would say "Yaaa!" and clap. Then it would start all over again.

Then we were getting ready to leave and Jason was freaking out, because he was just too tired. My cute nephew came over to try and help, so I showed him what Jason really likes. He likes to be knocked on, his feet rubbed, and his joints pulled. So I had a good circle around him as we rubbed his feet, knocked on his chest and pulled his joints. My nephew actually picked up Jason's foot and started rubbing it. At one point he stopped and Jason put his foot up to him as if to say, "Hey, you stopped!"

It's nice to have people who love your kids!

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