Friday, January 15, 2010

Pine Wood Derby

Last night was the Pine Wood Derby. Life has been so hectic that Scouts has kind of hit the back burner. So Brett and Duncan started his Derby Car on Tuesday. Brett did the Dad thing and let Duncan use power tools to do most of the work. I figured if Duncan cut off a finger Brett would have to take him to the Hospital.

Duncan cut it out, sanded the wheels, put the axles and wheels into the car, screwed down the braces that kept the axles straight. Brett helped him with the chisel work because his chisel wasn't very sharp so it was really hard to get it to cut out the place to put the weight. They painted it, and put the stickers on.

Brett figured it would do ok, because he made sure it was exactly 5 ozs. However, since Duncan did most of the work that it would probably not win the whole time.

Duncan's car went undefeated. The little punk took first in everything. He was so proud of himself, he could hardly contain it.

Funny thing was Jason loved watching the derby as much as the Scouts did. He even clapped and cheered when the races were all done.The first video is a full race, Duncan's car is the green and silver one. Second video was of the first place race. Brett wanted to capture the photo finish. Duncan's was on the far side. The last video is of Duncan and the girls car in a race. Brett threw together the lovely yellow car Wednesday night and finished it up minutes before we left the house. The girls are lovingly calling it the Banana Peel Racer.

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