Friday, January 22, 2010

Jason's friend Jean

Jason had Jean Delangelo come and visit him today. She brought a friend who is a student teacher. (I feel terrible, I can't remember her name.)

Jason didn't seem too interested in playing today. I was wondering if we over did the therapies this week. However, Jean went and sat on the stairs with Jason and drew some pictures. That pulled him out of his fit. Then I turned on the vacuum and got him upstairs. Yes! Jason LOVES the vacuum. He loves to have the extending tube suck on his belly, his hair, but mostly his hands. He sticks his fingers down the tube. Kind of silly, but it worked.

Then she video taped Jason and I playing with the drawing board, and then his bead play cube. He loves to have me make funny noises as the beads go up and down the wire.

Jean pulled out a pop-up tube to see if Jason would climb through it, or throw the ball through it. Instead he tried to stand on top of it. Since it was a pop-up tube it didn't hold his weight very well. So instead we put it over his head and played peek-a-boo. That worked.

At this point Jason seemed to be done, and went into the kitchen to ask for a Popsicle. Jean also liked this. She loved to hear him vocalizing.

Jean was very impressed with Jason's progress. She liked his vocalization, and his eye contact. He was also gesturing more then he was before. Very encouraging!!!

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WX Ences said...

It's good to hear Jason's showing signs of improving and responding to his therapy! Ya!
How are you doing these days? We need a girls night out next week. Joe's hoping to be in town next week. Maybe we could get the guys to babysit and we could do dinner?! Let me know if there's a day that would be good, I know you're busy!