Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jason's Friends Jean and Joan

Jason had his evaluation today with Jean Fowles and Joan the RN. I answered a bunch of question basically. Which was very satisfying today! From last year he progressed, regressed, and progressed even more! His motor skills are on the 36 month level, his fine motor skills are 33 months, his social is about 24 months, and his language is about 18 months.

But to be able to say, "Yes he is speaking" is so wonderful! Maybe he doesn't say the words exactly accurate but I can tell you that "Cu-cu" is Popsicle, "Tuck" is Stuck, and "MEEESSSS" is Please.

I was also very gratifying to see that the RN was confused as to why we thought he was Autistic. His eye contact was good, he was being which Jean immediately responded that he had withdrawn completely, and had worried her greatly. The RN looked at me and said, "Good Job!"

I have an Audiology appointment coming up in the next few weeks. We'll be able to see how much he has improved or regressed in his hearing as well.

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