Friday, January 8, 2010

Sensory Social Play Group

I went to an orientation last night for Jason's soon to be Play Group. It's only 8 weeks long but I think it will be very good for my monkey. The way I would explain it is Nursery on Steroids. It's a VERY structured experience.

I think the first 4 weeks will be keeping Jason in line. Structure is not something that Jason likes, unless it's what he wants. I think Circle time will be exhausting. I think stopping him from doing one activity and going to the next is going to be stressful. However, I think pushing him out of his comfort zone is going to be a good thing.

Jason came with me and played with the toys. He was really good as we talked about what the class would be about. His little OCD tendencies were showing though. He took every toy out of the toy refrigerator and laid them all out on the table. He didn't leave one toy in the fridge. He then took all the chairs that were stacked up and lined them up. Not in a train, in a straight horizontal line.

As I was chuckling at my boy, the teacher asked me what his issues were. I explained that he has a hearing loss and he's Autistic. She nodded and was unsurprised. However one of the other Mom's said, "Oh come now, he's just being 2."

That statement gets a little old. I know he's 2, I know he is doing 2 year old things. However, there are some extreme behaviors in my boy that need to be addressed. I think he will be on the more high functioning side of the Spectrum. I don't worry about Jason, as long as we help him progress and improve I think he will be FINE. I just don't want to wait and see what happens if we leave him alone.

I guess that's why all parents do things differently.

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