Thursday, January 14, 2010

Social Sensory Playgroup

Jason and I went to Playgroup this morning. It was as crazy as I thought it would be. Except I think I was well prepared.

Jason was excited to be there, he remembered it from last week. He went straight to the kitchen. We had gathering time, which is just a free play time until everyone showed up. There were only 3 kids there today, usually there will be 5. There was a sweet little girl that was a very hyper active one. She wanted to knock over and take away what Jason was playing with. The Mom was concerned about this, and I said "He's ok!" As long as she's sharing and playing he needs to learn that as well.

Then we went over to circle time. Again, I was prepared. He screamed the whole time, "Tuck, tuck, tuck!" Which is his way of saying "I'm stuck let me go!" We told him he did a GREAT JOB, and let them go to free play.

He was a little angry, but it only took him a few minutes to calm down. He went straight back to the kitchen. The head person Kerianne, went and played with him for a minute. He would hand her things and then push her hand to the table. So she switched it up and pretended to eat it. He surprisingly didn't get frustrated, just smiled and waited patiently till she was done and pushed her hand toward the table again.

Then we went back to a structured activity and did Ring Around the Rosie. Again, Jason freaked out. The first time I held him. The second time I put him down and took his hand, and dragged him around the circle. The last time he still cried but eventually he walked on his own.

Free time again. This time they took the lid off the a "Discovery Table" which was filled with sand and rice and little animals were buried. He found all the animals and put them in the barn. Then he took the animals out of the barn and we buried them again.

At the end we had a story, which Jason had to be prompted through everything but he settled down pretty good. They had bubbles, which he would watch and then try to run back to the "Discovery Table" so I'd grab him and try and direct his attention back to the bubbles. Finally I just held him a tickled him.

As soon as I said "Let's go bye-bye." He started waving, like "YES!! I'm Finished!!!"

He's sweet. I think it will be very good for my boy.

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