Monday, November 23, 2009

Tori's Eyes

Tori went to see Dr. Moshirfar today, to check the build up in her left eye. She is such a tough little thing. I took her out of school, ran to the Moran Eye Center and were immediatly ushered into an office. Dr. Moshirfar got us in pretty quick and looked at her implant. It is building up, and she did need to have a laser procedure done.

We went back into another office and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally I asked what the hold up was, and almost immediately Dr. Moshirfar was back with us. He thought he had to wait for an approval from our insurance company, which we had already gotten before we went back to the laser office.

Tori sat with her head in the brace and just took everything in stride. Dr. Moshirfar is really sweet, and talks all the way through the procedure. He wants to know if you are uncomfortable in anyway, and takes breaks as necessary. He even gave Tori a percentage of the work that he had completed and what was left to do.

She will probably see some fuzzy floaties in her eye and she needs some steroid eye drops for 4 days but for the most part she is good. My brave girl!

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