Monday, November 2, 2009

Good things

Tori is going to be in a different class in the morning. Mr. Holmes finally got the hint. =)

She will be switching classes tomorrow, which is making her very nervous. But, I'm so excited for her. I think it will be such a good thing. Brett gave her a blessing that will hopefully help her get to school. I'm going to drop Jason off at Grandma Siddoways in the morning and help Tori get to her new class. Somewhat unnecessary as far as being any physical help to move things, but emotional support will be what she needs tomorrow. Hopefully she will find some kids that she knows quickly.
Also, we have discovered something else that brings Jason out of his own little world. The Vacuum...... Yes I know, weird. But, he actually asks for it to be on again. He likes to stick his fingers in the tube and pull them out again. I think I'm going to have to find a smaller vacuum or a dust buster. Whatever works!!!!


tyan96 said...

My friend has a little boy with autistic like tendencies and he loves the vacuum. It is so cute and funny he talks to his vacuum when he puts it away in the closet.

tyan96 said...

tyan96 is me...Tara!