Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jason Update

We spent last night at PCMC from about 11:30pm-3:30pm. I'm actually feeling pretty good because we slept until 10:00am. Brett however is NOT, since he had to go do a training at a school this morning. Hopefully he stays awake.

Jason was wheezing sort of all day. It got worse as the day went by. He woke up about 11:00pm struggling to breath. He was working pretty hard, and I could see it in his belly. Everytime he took a breath you could see the bottom of his ribs like he was using everything he had to get enough oxygen. So I called Lisa, who was concerned he could have pneumonia.

My Dad came down to the house and stayed with my other kids, while we took Jason to the ER. They got the respiratory therapist in there to give him a "super neb" and we spent a while fighting Jason to keep the mask on so he could get the full dose of Albuterol. They also gave him a pretty good dose of Decadron and that seemed to calm down his breathing pretty good. Downside, my already hyper baby was super hyper. We got his chest x-rayed and they were nice and clear.

Basically he was having a pretty good asthama attack. They don't diagnose Asthma until they are 5, but this might be another issue. We'll have to see if it continues or if it's just an isolated incident. He is starting to pop and wheeze already this morning, I have to go pick up some more Decadron and his inhaler at the pharmacy. Hopefully this will not be permanent........sigh.

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