Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My Dad is turning 60 in a few days. My big sister Traci decided that we needed to throw him a good bash and invite a lot of people. I think we did pretty good. Of course it had to be a surprise.....=)

We had it at my parents church in the Gym, and spent weeks trying to contact people and not tell Dad. He claims he was surprised, but we all have our speculations. The plan seemed to work. Mom got a phone call and told Dad that I was an irresponsible parent and Duncan had to be picked up from our church, and took off down to the party. Kristen who was hanging out with my parents said it was time for her to take off. The rest of us were trying to set up, while the kids ran around crazy.

Then my parents sneaky Bishop called him and said he had something urgent that needed to be taken care of, and could he please meet him down at the church. I was afraid it would be the one time Dad would tell the Bishop no...=) However, we got him there. He was quite pleased.
Dad, just after the surprise.
Mom didn't want to be included in the being surprised so she had to come up with some excuse to not have to walk in the room with Dad.
We had Family there.

Old Palermo's crew! That was my job. I got the most important ones there, anyway....=)

More family. My Aunt Nancy playing with my sweet boy.

People from Marriott. Dad's assistant made sure to get everyone invited for us.
Grandma and GrandpaSome old High School friends.

I think we touched as many basis as we possibly could! Love you Dad! Happy Birthday!!

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