Monday, November 30, 2009

Life as we know it

Well life hasn't been much different, just busy. I haven't felt like there was much for me to blog about. I was talking to a friend of mine at church yesterday. (Of course this was during the joint relief society/priesthood meeting, bad Mel!) She has had enough tragedy in her life that she is an easy one to talk to about our every day life. She is so sweet and wants to know how we're doing and if she can do anything for us. She helps me to see the good things in our life, even if I don't always see them myself. Thanks Lisa!

I talked to another lady in my ward briefly about her son who is also Autistic. He's 9 though, so they've already been through the stages that we are going through now with Jason. I asked her how on earth they made it through Sacrament Meeting when he was 2 years old. To which she chuckled and said, "We spent the meeting in the foyer, until he was about 5 years old." She told me that the Spectrum Academy that her son goes to is looking at starting a preschool next year. She is going to keep her ears open for me and let me know if I can get Jason in. She also Facebooked me last night and told me that I can ask her "Anything". Gotta love it when people understand what you are going through. It sure is helpful. Thanks Lindy!

I also had a wonderful friend of mine call last week and let me know that I can call her anytime and she will come and get Jason. Which will be a good thing since Brett will be out of town all week......sigh. Thanks Cori!

Thanksgiving was wonderful, and we got to see a lot of family. We went to my In-laws first and had a great dinner/lunch with the crew. We saw everyone except Stan and Brenda who live in Arizona. We even got to see a nephew that we see maybe once a year. I do quite like Ryan.

Then we hoofed it out to my sisters house for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Traci did a great job with the Turkey, and everyone else pitched in and we had a good dinner. Grandma and Grandpa Wilson were there as well as my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tim. I love how close our families are. It's fun to be able to share our experiences with the ones we love.

I got to harass my 12 and 13 year old nieces yesterday. They have become obsessed with the "Beatles" since the new Rock Band game came out. Meghan thinks that Paul is her ideal man. I'm not a big fan of the Beatles. I know that they were the beginning, but I personally can't sit and listen to too many of there songs. We had a good debate on the ability to connect the gospel to the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Then it turned to Twilight. Meghan is very opinionated about this subject, and it's lameness. I told her I quite enjoy the series, and the mindless fun it is. My sister-in-law said that Bella really doesn't deserve Jacob or Edward which I kind of agree. But then I said, "She really is quite Bratty, kind of reminds me of all 13 year old girls." Meghan jumped on that. It's fun to give the pre-teens a hard time....=)

Hopefully this week will go by quickly........=)

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