Monday, July 20, 2009

Tori Update

Tori had another Eye appoint this morning. We got there about 9:30am and checked in. We haven't seen this lady before and she looked at her birthday and said, "Oh my, she's too young to be here!" I had to agree with her, she's pretty young to have had all the stuff she's had done. However, we are very greatful that we are in the right area with the right doctors.

Her appointment was with Dr. Moshirfar this morning. He's the one who did Tori's Cataract surgery. It was quite a long wait, but it was to be expected. Tori colored and made things while Jason almost fell asleep in my arms. That would have been a rude thing to do. Since I haven't gotten a decent nap out of him for a few days.

Finally we got into see the technician and he did Tori's checks and made sure what she could see. Took her history and all that stuff. Then we were back in the waiting room to wait for Dr. Moshirfar. Again, a long wait, trying to keep Jason from falling asleep. Then we got called into the room again. Which then was another 15 minute wait trying to stop Jason from pushing all the buttons and breaking the expensive equipment.

Dr. Moshirfar is awesome. He has a really good bed side manor and talks to Tori like she's a grown up. He did ask what we were doing there, which after such a long wait was a bit frustrating. But, we have had a lot of doctors appointments for Tori in the last 3 weeks. I guess that's what happens after surgery. Lot's of post-op visits.

He made my day when he said, "She has too many doctors. Dr. Dries or Dr. Bernstein will let me know if anything needs to be fixed." I wanted to say, "Ya think? Too many doctors? Huh???? MAN I would have never thought of that!!" She will probably have to go in, in the next year or so to have her lens polished. Ya, weird!!!!!!!!!!!! The only other thing he said was that she needs to not rub her eye because it could bump the lens out of place and then he'd have to go in and fix it. Nice............

Only one more doctors appointment this week, so far. So I'm hoping that we will be having a bit of a break soon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that things are going smoothly... and that someone else finally figured out that your little girl doesn't need quite so many Dr. appts. (And neither does her mother. :) )