Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Rec

This morning was Summer Rec at the park again. The kids had a ball and they played until their cheeks were pink.

Jason played on the park and had so much fun sliding and climbing on the ladders.

Samantha had Dinosaur day at Adventure Camp. She got to find a dinosaur egg in the sand and they did some scratch art ornaments shaped like dinosaurs. She also got to play with her best friend Erika and her twin sister Margot. She even got to go home with them for a few hours. She had a a lot of fun and really didn't want to come home when I went to pick her up.

Tori woke up with a stuffy nose. I was hoping that it was just allergies but I think that it is something more. She wasn't feeling well tonight when she went to bed. We'll have to see if she is doing ok in the morning, or if there is more to worry about this week. She did go and play Softball though. She hit the ball on the 3rd swing and made it to 2nd base. She also got someone out when she was playing third-baseman. She is really enjoying it.

Duncan got up put on shorts and then changed his mind and changed into pants. I asked him about this later and he advised me that he knew he would be sliding into the bases so he didn't want to scratch up his legs. He thinks he's a pro already. He got a hit and eventually made it to home. He's enjoying baseball quite a bit. I'm hoping he sticks with soccer. This is actually something i enjoy watching. LOL!!! But if the boy wants to play baseball, we'll do what we can. He also ended up being invited to go to Cherry Hill with his buddy. It's a lovely little water park not to far away, that is a lot of fun. He enjoyed himself immensely and even wants to camp out there sometime this summer.

I also decided not to post any of the summer rec pictures until it's over. Since you would be bombarded with the same kind of pictures over and over, I'll be nice and just pick the best and post them all at once. I have started having Duncan take Tori's picture's, and Tori take Duncan's. It keeps them busy when there is an hour to kill waiting for the siblings. Duncan seems to be able to use the camera pretty well. Tori isn't quite sure how to use it, so today I had to run over and get a few more picture's of Duncan. I did get a good picture of the grass, the sky and the fence though. =)

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