Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Duncan, Tori, and Jason Update

Tuesday was insane!!!! My day started at the crack of dawn. Ok, well maybe not the crack of dawn but it sure felt that way to me. I decided to get Duncan checked out by an audiologist. We have his eyes checked every year, I figure why not his ears too. I'm going to be taking the girls into the audiologist soon as well, just so that I have proof on paper that they can hear me.........=P

Duncan has normal hearing. He does have a little scaring on both ear drums from the ear infections that have caused him to have 2 ruptured ear drums over the years. But other then that he's just fine!! No surprises really, just wanted to make sure that I'm not talking to myself.

Then Tori and Jason had an eye appointment with Dr. Dries. He is the kids ophthalmologist at PCMC. He dialated Tori's right eye, because Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Moshirfar haven't done it since she had her last surgery. She's wonderful, and Dr. Dries says he's VERY happy with her latest surgery.

Jason was a pill as always! He didn't want them to put the eye drops in so he faught that with tooth and nail. He didn't cry, just didn't want to be cooperative. His retina's are fine, and he is slightly near-sighted. So nothing has changed in the last 6 months with his eyes. This is wonderful news!!

Next Duncan had to go get some teeth drilled. We were waiting for some teeth to fall out, and I thought they had. But to my chagrin 2 teeth fell out, however they weren't the right teeth. So Dr. Christensen numbed him up and pulled the tooth that was hanging on by a thread. Duncan didn't even feel it come out. Then they drilled his tooth and we set up an appointment for two weeks from now to drill 2 more. The boy grinds his teeth when he sleeps. If he ever climbs in bed with us, I have to leave the room because I can't sleep through the buzz. He's going to have to get a bite guard soon, because if not he won't have any teeth left! Here is some wonderful footage of Duncan trying to speak while numb. It made me giggle.

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