Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day

This Primary song used to be such a fun thing for me. We brush our hair, and we shine our shoes, we sweep the floor and pick up our we can be ready for Sunday. Boy does that song make me cringe now. Saturday is really the only day we can spend all day cleaning up, doing laundry, and taking care of the usual stuff we don't do during the week.

We deep cleaned, did laundry, cleaned up the back yard a little more, and we took the huge love sack that took up half of the "Room of Doom". We had to get rid of the love sack because hopefully we will be moving Duncan downstairs sometime in the near future and then we will have to build Tori a room down there as well.

Now the boys are up enjoying Fight Night at my sisters house. This is Duncan's first experience with the big boys watching MMA so we'll see how he handles it. Leslie said she would keep an eye on him for me and make sure he doesn't start turning green. He looked like he was going to colapse earlier today so I almost put a stop to the nights fun. However, he has been so excited for it I couldn't say no. I'm hoping that he doesn't come home all wigged out and exhausted to boot.

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