Friday, July 17, 2009

Jason Update

Jason had his second set of tympanostomy tubes placed today. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30am, so we just had the other kids spend the night at my mom's house. They felt really bad, let me tell you!

Jason was not ready to wake up so he was pretty darn tired. As you can see my constant whirlwind wasn't whirling very much this morning.

Of course he snapped out of that pretty fast!
They called us back and we had his vitals checked and then we went to the O.R. waiting room. There he did his mass disaster of the toy's and we waited for Dr. Muntz and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Long. She was a teeny-tiny lady that wasn't ready to be up at that time of the morning. I don't think she smiled once.

When we had all the paper work done we started the short walk to the separation area. I gave him over to the anesthesiologist and he started to scream and throw himself around. Which is pretty normal for my little brute!

We waited all of 15 minutes and Dr. Muntz came into the room. He let us know that everything was fine. The tubes were placed and gave us a quick run down of what we were supposed to do with the antibiotic drops. In the middle of Dr. Muntz instructions they called us up to be directed back to Jason's room. Dr. Muntz just took as back since he was still running through the instructions.

When we got back there Jason was still out and had his breathing tube in. The nurse said that she was told that it was very important that we be there when he woke up. Which I thought was a funny statement, since neither Brett or I had requested anything of the sort. But the nurse finally explained that she was told 4 times that "He needs his parents, this one needs his parents!"

I think that he gave the anesthesiologist a run for her money! I've had a grin on my face all morning because of that statement. I know my son is a strong little monkey but I figured that the doctors could handle him!!!!

He's doing well. We have left his hearing aid out all day just to make sure that we don't collect any drainage but we'll put it back in tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that everything went well.