Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tori Update

Tori had an appointment with Dr. Bernstein today. We got there at 10:20am and then left at 12:10pm. It was a pretty long appointment. The good news is Tori's eye is perfect. Dr. Bernstein's exact words. I sent Tori out in the waiting room and had a quick discussion with him about my concerns of Tori getting to much attention for her issues.

He said that his other patients with Sticklers Syndrome who have had the procedures that Tori has are pretty much good for the rest of there lives. He said that unless she sees lightening flashes or curtains coming down that she should be fine! At least in her left eye. If anything happens with her right eye he wants us to come in immediately. But if she is just seeing weird colors in her left he says that is not a worry! Yay!!!!!!

My cute girl waiting for the doctor.

Tori's eye dialated. It's pretty cool looking.
Took a picture of both eyes for comparison.
This is Tori's file for the Moran Eye Center. It's almost 2 inches thick. She's only 8...... OH, MAN!!!!!

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gaz said...

that's wonderful news about tori.
my little boy is having cryotherapy next month in both eyes to help prevent detachments. i'm not looking forward to it, but i know we would be silly not to get it done.