Sunday, July 26, 2009


I now have a 10 year old, 9 year old, 6 year old and 22 month old. Tori's Birthday was on Friday, and I took lots of pictures. But, I'm on the laptop and I don't have the pictures on this computer. I'll run those out tomorrow.

A few years ago, everyone just happened to be off on the 24th. We decided to take Tori to the mall and make her feel special, and spoiled. The next year she asked me if we were going to the mall again, and it has continued ever since. This year there was a lot more people there for Tori's birthday. There are a lot more kids this time then there were a few years back. So it was like an outing with the girls, with a couple little boys added in the mix.

Tori is my second child, and she was a bit of a surprise for us. Duncan and Tori are 16 months apart. When I found out I was pregnant again I was immediately excited and overwhelmed at once. We automatically decided that I needed to find a job that I could do at home, and take care of our soon to be 2 kids. She has been such a blessing in our lives. She was such a mellow little thing, and she had such a sweet smile. Tori was such lovey and snuggly, when Duncan wanted to be down running around, Tori would snuggle with me for hours. She was so patient with her older brother that obviously was too little to know how to be a good big brother yet.

She is now my beautiful 9 year old, and is so strong!!! She is so sweet, and loving. She loves Art, Music, Books, Dancing, and Swimming. She is a very spiritual little thing and will share her testimony with anyone! She loves everyone, and everything. She is my little "Tree Hugger" and is constantly reminding us about how to take care of our world. She loves everyone, and has a hard time moving on with things sometimes. She loves her Teachers, and will always love and remember everyone of them. She will do anything for anyone and will take care of everyone as well. I hope for so many things for her, and only want whats best for her, as well as the other 3 kids.

I hope that I can always see what she needs and be able to have her talk to me when she needs me. I hope that I can be the kind of Mom she needs me to be, as well as the other three.

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