Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jason Update

Jason had an appointment with Dr. Morales today. He is the doctor that repaired Jason's palate last year. It was quite amazing, the appointment was at 9:45 am and I was in and out so fast I thought something was wrong. LOL!

The nurses assistant came in to the office to double check everything, and then when she walked out Jason waved and said "All Done." Crystal clear. Yay!!!

Dr. Morales came into the office within 5 minutes, yes I know I'm still in shock. He asked how old Jason was, and I advised him he would be 2 in September. He looked again and said, "Wow, he's a big boy isn't he?" I just have to laugh at this. Dr. Morales is so used to seeing kids with feeding problems that weigh 20 lbs at 4 years old. Then there's Jason, who weighs 33 lbs at 22 months.

Dr. Morales just wanted to check that his face was growing properly, that he had no problems with his teeth, and that the repair had healed fully. He also asked about his speech development, which opens a whole can of worms.

I advised him that he has a unilateral hearing loss and that so far he really isn't doing much communication. I told him that most of his sounds are guttural and that we are seeing Paula from the school for the deaf every other week. I let him know that we had tubes placed again, last week and that I'm seeing a pretty good improvement right now. I also told him that the next step will be speech therapy, and that we are waiting on the advise from Paula to pick the right one for our rambunctious whirlwind.

He said that the guttural sounds indicate that his palate is doing well. He says the late speech development is more likely caused from the hearing loss then a problem with his palate. He wants to see him again in a year to do the same routine check, and to see how his speech is developing.


Hit 40 said...

Why does he want to see you again? The doctor is not helping with the speech. I would probably skip this appt. I get tired of going to appts that seem worthless.

Sorry... I sound cranky? I hope you get some answers to help you with his communication development.

LutzFam said...

With his palate problem he could also have some dental and growth problems that he may have to fix surgically. Also if his muscle's are not developing right it could hinder his speech. Until we find out for sure all the bologna with his hearing we it's just another option to follow.