Monday, June 1, 2009


We went swimming for Family Night at the in-law's pool. Jason loves the water and was playing with Brett. It's a lovely game we like to call, "Washing Machine." I clapped and then signed "More", and Jason responded with the sign "More"! I love it!!!! We are starting to see real progress with my baby boy!!

Samantha has been learning the Braille Rap. It's quite a silly thing but she has actually memorized the rap verse for the letter "A".

Tori's Braille teacher does things a little differently. She's going to get Tori reading Braille at a good speed. She is a GREAT teacher and agrees with our view of the girls situation. She will be teaching both of the girls next year so that should be a lot of fun for the both of them.

Duncan is going to play soccer again. He is really excited for the possibility of playing with a little better team. Brett is going to "coach", but there will hopefully be another Dad that will be doing most of the coaching. This other Dad got a scholarship to play in college and his father actually coached quite a bit. I'm hopeful that Brett won't have so much responsibility on his plate. We'll see........

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