Thursday, June 18, 2009

Samantha's Kindergarten Testing

Samantha had her Kindergarten Testing today. She did really well, and I'm very proud of my smart little girl. She did pretty much everything that Mrs. Wells asked her too. I think she had a hard time reading "Said" but I could be wrong because I was sitting in a corner across the room. She read all the sight words, how to read a book properly, rhyming words, knowing her letters, writing her numbers, and counting to 100. The last is a big accomplishment for Sam because at the beginning of Kindergarten she counted to 25, and in the middle she counted to 29. I also know she has a hard time remembering that. We've worked on it a little at home and she struggles a little. So I'm excited that she did so well.

She got a gift certificate for a free kids meal at a local restaurant so we will be eating dinner out tonight thanks to Samantha's awesome achievement. Way to go Sam!!!!

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