Monday, March 23, 2009

Poor Sam

Over the weekend my lovely handy husband built us a new hand railing. It was this awful black rod iron railing in my front room. Brett spent all weekend building a beautiful replacement.

That's just the opening to this blog entry. =)

Because Brett was building the railing, the front door was open. All the kids were playing in the front yard, including the baby. Duncan and Tori like to smother Jason in attention when he's outside so they were having a grand old time, and Samantha came inside crying.

Sam: "Mom, they were mean to me again. They are always mean to me."

Mom: "Sam, I didn't hear anyone being mean to you."

Sam: "Tori yelled at me. She said, 'not you Sam!'"

Mom: "Honey, Tori wasn't yelling at you. She just asked Jason to climb in the stroller."

Sam: "I used to be the cute one, and now Jason is the SUPER cute one. They always give him the attention now!"

Poor Sam and the displacement of having a little sibling. I guess she'll just need some more hugs and kisses.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny! I still think she is super cute...

LutzFam said...

Ya me too!!!