Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Paula our lovely PIP rep from the school for the deaf came to our house tonight. Jason was a bit of a grump at first but he always warms up when Paula comes over. He seems to have made some progress from the last time we saw her. I'm pretty sure he says "night, night", it come's out "na, na" but I'm almost positive that's what he means. He will give you his hand when asked for it and he goes to the van when we tell him to. Baby steps.

Our assignment for the next two weeks is to commentate his life. I guess the more we talk the more he'll hear and the more he'll start communicating.

For example "Jason is standing up on the back of the couch and he is going to fall and hurt himself."

"Momma is frustrated because Jason won't stop turning off her computer in the middle of working."

"Jason is crying because Samantha and Tori won't leave him alone."

"Jason is happy because Daddy is playing monster with him."

It's a little silly but hopefully it will help. It at least will be entertaining!

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Anonymous said...

You're going to tape these conversations, right? :) Just kidding. I used to do that with my daughters when they were little. When they got bigger, it took a bit to readjust my brain to speaking normally. It was pretty funny!