Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jason's Hearing Aid

Paula came over to our house tonight after having spent about a month in Africa. She's awesome. She brought Jason a couple of finger puppets and brought the other 3 some awesome drum pencils. She doesn't have to do this, but she loves my kids.

She always goes to the most recent trainings and has been attending classes that are specifically about the unilateral hearing loss. She said that some new studies have found that a child with a loss in the right ear has a harder time then a child with a loss in the left ear. She's trying to find out the specifics on what that entails because that is the ear that Jason has the loss in.

She also has asked us to up the time that Jason wears his hearing aid to try and get him wearing it all the time. He did really well tonight and wore it about 3 hours straight. Then when I got comfortable with the idea that he might leave it alone, he put it in his mouth. The only reason I even noticed it was the high pitched buzz that was coming out of his mouth. We will be going on vacation soon so I'm hoping we will be able to use the time to focus on his hearing aid and keep him distracted enough so that he forgets that it's there. We'll see what happens though.

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