Monday, March 9, 2009

Appointments and working

Well, I had 2 appointments for the kids today. Tori had an appointment with Dr. Vincent at the Moran Eye Center. He was checking her eye to make sure that a contact would work for her eye shape. She is a perfect candidate for the contact so they are ordering her contact in the correct prescription and they will call me when it comes in. Then we will have to go out and see him again a week after her surgery and see how she is doing with the contact.

Jason then had an appointment with the audiologist at USDB to have another hearing test. His ear was plugged again and his hearing was quite a bit worse then the previous test. His right ear is moderate to severe hearing loss right now and his left ear is mild to moderate. Which means that all my "Jason, Jason, J-J, Jason....." Isn't doing a dang bit of good. Oh well, we'll try again in a month.

In the midst of this I got a phone call about work. I deal with doctors and there is one in particular that I would like to punch in the face. I know this is a little extreme but he's horrible!!! The biggest problem for me is that I work at home. So I'm trying to be the good and kind mother that I should be, while fuming over the latest email for Doctor Jack-@*! Oh well, hopefully he'll just go away.

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