Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tori's Cataract Surgery

We just got home after Tori's third surgery on her left eye.

We got up bright and early, 5:00 am, and drove in the snow to check-in. Yes, I said SNOW. We hung out a while and waited for the doctor to check her vitals and make sure she was OK for surgery. We then ran upstairs to have the A-Scan done on her to see what size lens she would need to be implanted. After that it was a little more waiting and then they came and got us.

The Moran Eye Center is a no nonsense kind of place. They have the surgery thing all down! We got Tori changed into her gown and then the anesthesiologist and nurse came in to administer the IV. We had to fight Tori a little bit on this, she was old enough to let them put the IV in without the gas so we decided to not bombard her to much with meds. They did the IV and they gave her a little Valium. She was loopy within 5 minutes. It was pretty funny.

Dr. Bernstein then introduced us to the surgeon who would be taking care of her Cataract, Dr. Majid Moshirfar. He double checked her orders and then swept her away into the O.R.

It didn't take to long and Dr. Bernstein was out letting us know that all went well! Her Cataract was gone and he did a partial Vitrectomy to clean out the remaining vitreous and the blood clots that were left over from the previous surgery.

Her recovery was a bit longer this time, but we knew that she had gotten a little sick last time so we wanted to take it slowly. She woke up and we tried to give her some ice chips and a popcicle. She did ok for a minute but then lost her lunch. The nurse gave her some anti-naseau meds and she dropped back off to sleep. She did really well after waking up, and we took her home.

She's awesome! She did really well and I'm always impressed with how much praise the Doctors and Nurses have for my little girl. She is so well behaved and does so well in these circumstances it's amazing. I'll let you know more about the lens and how her eye is doing tomorrow!!

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