Thursday, August 2, 2012

Potty Training

Well, he's done it again.  He's put me at the verge of Duct Tape or Potty Training.  I'm going to have to potty train Jason I guess.  I have a timer set for 15 minutes.  I'm taking him to the toilet and having him sit on it for 5 minutes.  Then he gets a KitKat, his favorite candy.  I have 5 boxes of Popsicles and 3 liters of Pepsi for him.  We'll see how this goes.

1. No pottying.  Had to fight him to stay sitting for 5 minutes. He got a treat.
2. No pottying.  He sat pretty well for 5 minutes. He got a treat.
3. No pottying.  Sat really well for 5 minutes. He got a treat.
4. No pottying.  He sat restlessly for 5 minutes.  I got lots of kisses, but he doesn't seem to know what we are trying to accomplish.
5. No pottying.  He sat very restlessly.  He wants to scoot his bottom toward the end of the toilet seat.  It's hard to get him to sit up tall.  He did finally sit long enough to get a potty treat.
6. No pottying.  He sat very calm. He would periodically look at the timer, but her was very good.  He got up let me pull up his pants, and then he handed me his container of potty treats.
7. 4:45 pm Jason pooped in his underwear.  I changed them, and he watched me dump it in the toilet.  He helped me flush the toilet.  He then went pee in his next underwear before the next 15 minutes was up.  I changed him again and had him sit on the potty when the timer went off again.
8. No pottying.  He sat fairly restless.  He just wanted the potty treat.

We are going swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Siddoways, so we will take a bit of a break.  I will take him potty as long as we are up at the house.

9. We put him on the potty twice at Grandma Siddoways,  he was very proud of himself when Grandma patted him on the bum.
10. No pottying.  He sat pretty calmly.  He watched my iPhone and drank his bottle.

He's asleep.  He's was happy to be in my bed in underwear.  Of course that really didn't happen.  Night time diapers are required.  The "experts" say not to even attempt night time training until they are fully day time trained.  Especially when he sleeps in my bed!

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