Monday, August 13, 2012

Aug 13

sunday night Samantha lost her first molar. Strange, she is growing up so quickly.   

Since our refrigerator stopped working we got a new one.  In order to get the kitchen cleared I had to move the fridge outside.  Duncan and I are AWESOME.  He basically was my eyes, I advised him to move anytime I thought it might tumble, but it never did.  I do have an awesome bruise on my upper arm where the fridge would rest while I moved it, but I ROCK!! 

Jason kept hanging on my curtain rod in my bedroom.  Surprisingly they would sometimes hold him, so he would never know when they were going to fall.  since he is making it absolutly impossible to change in my room, I decided to make a curtain rod out of pipe and flanges.  Brett did it before he went to my Grandmother's house, but I could have done it myself.  =)

Jason wanted to go to Grandma's house.  He grabbed my hand and took me to the van, then sat patiently while I got the rest of the kids.  We went swimming even though he seemed to just want to hang out at the house.

Afterward he ran right over to the neighbors house.  He played on the swing set for a while, and then he saw our backyard.  I don't think he remembered it was there.

I caught him at the top of our gate.  He's been out the back about 12 times since.

Duncan has decided he's kindof in charge of Jason.  He's been trying to make him keep rules and stuff.  Jason has not been too happy about this.  He's beat Duncan up pretty good.  But they are pretty cute together.

I advised Duncan he needs to start wearing a shirt and head gear if he is going to discipline Jason.  That and when he's asleep tonight I need to clip his fingernails. 

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