Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lutz Family Reunion

Sunday we missed church to go to the Lutz family reunion. Brett said there hasn't been one in about ten years.

We stopped at Grandma Siddoway's for snacks and a gift for a newly we'd couple. Jason didn't want to leave. He was very upset that we weren't going inside. The other kids were just excited to go visit Grandpa and Grandma Lutz. We made it up to Aunt Joyce's house with only one u-turn.

I know only a few of the people in Brett's family. It's huge! I'm not sure if I'd ever met Aunt Joyce, she was sweet and very helpful. I was thinking I'd spend the whole time chasing Jason, but was pleased to see Brett's little sister. I was pregnant with Jason when we saw her last. She looked really good and we met her new husband. We are now "friends" on Facebook so hopefully we can be a little more connected with each other. She's 15 year younger then Brett so I finally saw her as a grown up this time. :)

We took pictures of the family. I'll post them if we get a copy.

I spoke to Brett's Step-mom about Jason's new school and how we would need to be up twice a month so we would have to see how things worked out.

I think we (the wives) tried in the beginning to get together. Life seems to throw things in the kinks. We have a lot on our plate. I told her that it was up to Brett and his Dad to work out the schedule. I'll support him 100%.

It was good to see Brett's family and understand where he comes from and what makes him tick. :)

The Fam with Brett's Dad, Blair.
The Fam eating Lunch with Chad photo bombing us.
The had a tiny bounce house.  Jason thought it was great.
This is Brett's Grandparents. Laurence and Lila.
Jason and Mark on the swings.
Brett's Great Grandparents.
Water balloon sling shot was a hit.

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