Monday, August 13, 2012

Policies and procedures and sleepovers.

Jason and I went up to Ogden for his Policy and Procedures meeting.  We learned everything from the date he starts to where we meet the van that picks him up half way.  I'm excited for him to start, I think it will be so good for him.

Halfway through the meeting he got overwhelmed and so we brought him to a classroom where there were Teachers and Aids.  They had a potluck and Jason immediately went for the tomatoes that someone had brought in a veggie plate.  It made all in attendance giggle.  

Once again, I caught Jason eating toilet paper.  Two problems.  1. He's eating toilet paper.......  2. He's unrolling the toilet paper like he was 18 months and he's fighting me when I make him stop.  So much fun.

Duncan had a sleepover the evening before.  He crashed on the couch. 

When we got home from the meeting, Jason made sure he was awake.

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