Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Swimming

Jason loves jumping off the diving board the last couple days.  When he doesn't have his floaty on he touches the bottom of the pool.  He comes above water with a very satisfying inhale of air.  This makes me feel better, since I feel like most of the time he'd rather not worry about the intake of oxygen.
Samantha was the only other one with us tonight.  She enjoyed having close to half of the attention instead of closer to a quarter.  She loves hanging on me in the pool.  She knows my arm hurts so every time she grabs me she asks me which arm is the bad one.
Jason usually decides when we are done swimming.  He used to get out of the pool and run straight up to the house.  Today he came back and stood at the fence to make sure that the pool got closed.  He's my sweet boy.

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