Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What a weekend....

This morning was quite the game. Well, lets start this weekend.

I was feeling a little run down on Saturday, but I thought it was because Jason hadn't been sleeping. Then Saturday night I came down with a 102 degree fever, and was in bed until Sunday. Then I ran to Instacare and got confirmed what I thought. I have Strep Throat, again...... I have amoxicillin to take 2 times a day.

Jason had an in-grown toe nail. Yes.....at 2. Brett saw it and was able to get it out, but too late to keep it from infection. So I'd set an appointment to take him to the doctor today, however it looked so bad last night I ran him over to Lisa's house to get her to look at it last night. So now I have an Keflex to give him twice a day and an antibiotic ointment that I get to apply to the affected area 3 times a day. Along with giving him a Epsom Salt bath three times a day to see what can be soaked out of his foot.

Samantha threw up about 9:30am, so she is staying home. So far nothing more, but she got to stay home. She's enjoying her time.

Tori has had a stuffy nose for about 2 weeks. She has started getting headaches and her eyes have had constant circles, and they've been red for about 3 days now. So I kept this mornings appointment and brought her in to see if she had strep or a sinus infection. No Strep.....sinus infection. So now she will have Augmentin to take 2 times a day. Also, recommended Musinex D 2 a day until she clears up.

Duncan says he's had Diarrhea for a few days. He really thought he should stay home. So I had all 4 of the kids when I ran to the doctor this morning. Although he was yelling and screaming and enjoying himself on the ride. I advised him that he was going to have a ton of homework and he needed to decide if he was really sick. I also told him that he was not going to get to play with his computer today while he should be in school. All of a sudden he thought he should probably go to school.

So I checked Tori and Duncan into school, since Tori's issue was not contagious, and advised his teacher that we have been sick at home but that as soon as I had taken away his computer he wanted to get to school. Hopefully he stays healthy. For one, we have enough illness around her. Secondly, if he does end up throwing up at school I'm going to feel really guilty. =)

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