Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dance, Soccer, and Spaghetti

Tori and Samantha went back to dance today. This was their first time back since our vacation. It was kind of nice to not worry about it so I took advantage of the girls forgetfulness. However, it has to start up again. They will be having their recital in June. They have to learn their many dances......

Duncan had a soccer game in Ogden today. Brett came home a little early this afternoon, so that he could pick up Duncan and rush up there. Before he left I told him to play hard, I loved him, and I felt bad that I couldn't go with to watch the game. He looked at me, a little confused, then looked at his Dad. He said, "Mom, it's ok." Then looked at Brett as if to say, "Dad's coming....?"

The fun thing about this is, THEY WON!!!! The first game this year!!!! For the most part Brett said Duncan played Defense, which is something that Duncan used to hate. He's quite good at the position though and he and Ladd are really keeping the back clear. Good Job Buddy!!!!
So dinner came late, as always. We had Spaghetti. This is a favorite amongst the children, and me of course. Jason was drawing so he came late to the dinner table, but as you can see he enjoyed every mouthful. I gave him quite a bit of noodles knowing how much he loves spaghetti, and he cleaned his plate!!

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