Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My camera's battery died and I can't find my charger!!! It actually had enough juice to download pictures though so here they are!!!

We had our Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's house on Saturday. Duncan was convinced he was going to be rich after the hunt, and didn't get any egg's with Money in them. As a mater of fact, he was such a sweet boy and was helping some of the other kids find eggs. I'm pretty sure he gave all the money eggs away. He thought he knew the system, and gave all the big eggs away and kept the small eggs.

Tori just had fun! She always enjoys hanging with her cousins. Running around doesn't hurt either.

Samantha wanted to find as much candy as was humanly possible. Forget the money eggs. She has downed all her candy since then. I think I'm just relieved it's gone now.

Jason, didn't want to look for eggs. He really hated me taking away the first candy he found and put it in his basket. That was it. He cried almost the whole time. I finally gave up and went and collected the items that were set out that had one for each kid. Then just let him be.

Then on Sunday was Easter and Conference and Grandma and Grandpa Child's.

The kids woke up bright and early to find their baskets. Strangely enough, I've started to detest the Easter Bunny. I know, weird. Every other holiday I want pictures of everything, but this holiday is one I want to sleep in. So Brett got up and took pictures of them with their baskets.

Duncan went to General Conference with Grandpa Child. Duncan has a new found appreciation for the Prophets and wants to go to Conference every 6 months. He took 5 pages of notes and kept the tickets for his journal.

We had the Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Child's house when Duncan and Grandpa got home. The funny thing was, my mother had called the previous week and asked me to bring 10 eggs per kid. I apparently didn't listen very well, because I thought she meant 10 eggs for each kid HER family not each kid in mine. So I filled about 125 eggs. =)

I other words, the kids had a ton of eggs to find. We were having a really hard time finding places to hide them.

Jason did discover the joy of Easter egg hunts. He discovered that there was candy inside these little plastic things. So we had a hard time keeping him away from the eggs before the other kids got to hunt.

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