Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Soccer, More Dance, Paula

Today was pretty normal. The kids woke me up yelling at each other. Yes. This is a normal school to fix that, I don't know.

Jason and I had fun today. We played and jumped on the exercise tramp. I thought of a way to play with Jason on the trampoline. We count down from 10 and then blast off to the moon. Of course he has to hold my hands and I pull him up as far as I can. He seemed to enjoy this.

Samantha had the school counselor Miss Weber come and pick her up from school today. She was very excited about it! I asked her what she did with Miss Weber and she said, "We played with K'Nex's. I made a necklace she made a top." I waited for a bit more information but that was all I got. So I prodded a little more. "What did you talk about while you played?" "You know when I get frustrated? That...." Well, that's all I got. =)

Duncan had another soccer game today. This one in Layton. They didn't win, but they played really well! Brett said that this was the best team in the league so far. Their scores were killing everyone. They held them 0-2. Both points were scored in the first half, Duncan played defense the second half.

Samantha had dance at the same time as Duncan's game so we stayed home. Then Paula came over to see Jason. She told us that she still hadn't heard from the family that said they'd donate their hearing aids to us. Jason seems to be doing ok, without the loaner at this point. But she has requested that Utah School for Deaf and Blind keep an eye out for anyone who doesn't need theirs anymore. For example if they just received a cochlear implant. We talked about working on a schedule for Jason to see, and Tori helped a lot. We have been meaning to take pictures of everything, but just haven't really thought about it. So I'm going to draw things as they come to mind as use that for a while. We also, came up with a cute song to sing to him when going to bed. Another way to warn him that a transition is coming. Tori started us out.

(sung to Row, row, row your boat.)
It is time for bed
The moon is in the sky
Blankey, bottle, stories done
Time to close your eyes.

Kind of cute. Tori was very proud of her assistance in creating it.

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