Thursday, April 29, 2010

Morning Routines

This morning was a bit crazy! Duncan, Tori, and Samantha have been fighting, playing, goofing off, and NOT getting ready for school. Samantha was feeling picked on because Tori wouldn't share a secret with her so she hid from them. I finally told them to leave her and heard her run up the stairs and open the door. I told her to find her shoes, and get a coat and get to school. When she finally found everything it was time for school to start and I told her to wait for me to get Jason ready and I'd run her to school. At this time, Duncan and Tori opened the door to tell Sam that they were late and to hurry up. I told Sam to go with them, and to run!!!

As I was getting Jason ready for playgroup I got a phone call from a cell phone I didn't recognize. I answered it and thought I heard Samantha on the other end. Then a lady got on the phone and said, "Is this Samantha's Mom? She's just standing down here on 8th west and I thought she looked rather lonely. Is she supposed to be at school?"

Nice......I asked her if she would help her cross the street and I was on my way out the door and I'd make sure she got to school. The sweet lady was walking out of the school as I got there. She had made sure Sam got to the office, and I thanked her for her help!!

I asked Samantha what was going on? She said, "Duncan and Tori were running to fast. I just thought I would wait for you to come and get me."

There is going to be some discussion's about safety and morning routines when the kids get home from school!!!!

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