Friday, April 30, 2010

Playgroup, and Maturation

Jason had playgroup yesterday. Since we had our chaotic morning we were about 15 minutes late. We missed circle time but Jason did jump right in. He enjoyed the big transition craft which was the sticky paper. Most of the kids put one or two things on and were done. Not my boy. He could have done this just about all day.

Then of course there was the Maturation program. Duncan wanted me to be there.....surprise! I got to go and sit with a bunch of 5th grade boys and learn about puberty. That was comfortable. There of course was a lot of giggling, but Duncan seemed to handle it for the most part. I was a little surprised when they started talking about the girls cycles and what not. I don't remember them talking about boys to us when I was little....Duncan did ask why they had to talk about that. I replied, "Someday you will be married to a girl." He said, "Well can't I wait to learn about it then???" I just had to chuckle.

After the program, Duncan went to put away the chairs in his room. I had of course brought Jason with me so I was carrying him. Jennifer Reuter, a lovely woman that lives down the street who also happens to be deaf, loves my Jason. She took him from me to talk to him and of course he wanted back with Mom immediately. He did start pushing her, I think to make her go away, but she just said and signed, "What, what do you want." and spun around in a circle. Jason just smiled huge and giggled and tried to climb back into her arms. Very cute reaction from my boy!

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Karen said...

Hi, I had a giveaway on my blog a few weeks ago and the original winners never contacted me back so I picked you as the next winner. It was for the Shirley J Universal Sauce. Will you email me