Thursday, April 8, 2010

Can I Clone Myself?

There is only one of me.

A fact that can cause much guilt.

Yesterday my sister picked up the girls to play at her house. Samantha made me stay outside and wait for her to pick them up. They spent a good 5 hours with her, and I assumed they were having a good time.

When I went to pick them up, Leslie told me that Samantha had been crying and fighting the whole time. At one point the girls were coloring on the sidewalk and Sam went over to Tori and kicked her. Leslie had her sit on the stairs in time out and then sat down to talk to her. She asked her what was wrong, and why she was having such a bad day.

Samantha's response was, "My Mom works all the time. She works and plays with Jason." This all coming out of a onslaught of tears.

Leslie explained that I have to work, and that Jason needs me to help him.

With Sam's big eyes and her lip pouting she said, "But, she can play with me...."

So this morning I was woken up to Samantha asking if we could go for a walk today. Hopefully I can find time for All my kids..........sigh.

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