Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September 22nd

This was a Saturday.  This is what I found when I went outside to go to the grocery store.  Duncan's bike was out on the road and the wagon was out on the sidewalk.  I think someone took this skull from somewhere and was tired of carrying it.  They took the wagon and then tried to take Duncan's bike.  It has a flat tire.  I think that was the only thing that saved it.  

Brett sat down to play the piano.  Daisy wanted his attention.  I thought it was funny.

Brett had to replace the water heater. least he found one that "only" cost us $350.00.

I had to go to work, and as I went to start the van it freaked out.  I about cried.  Thankfully we had borrowed the truck because of the water heater.  So I was able to get to work at Dress Barn.  It turned out that the battery cables were corroded, so the battery wasn't getting a charge.  Brett was able to clean it with backing soda.  Thankfully that's all it far.

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