Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 6th

October 6th was the Child Family Halloween Party.  This year ended up being a little more mellow then usual.  Basically we visited the pumpkin patch and then went back to Kristens house for Chilli. It worked. 

We got there right at 1:00 pm.  This was instructed by my mother was a necessity.  I think we waited about 30 minutes for anyone else to show up.

Jason liked the big boxes of pumpkins.

Of course so did Samantha.

There were some monstrous pumpkins in the back of this truck.  The girls were fascinated by them.

Waiting can by hard sometimes.  So you just have to be silly!!

Maxwell did sleep the night before.  He was weird!!  =)

Jason REALLY liked the boxes of pumpkins.

Everyone finally showed up and the first thing anyone wanted to do was go on the BIG slide!  Jason would have stayed there if we would have let him.

This was taken right after a trip down the slide.  I love my boys.

We wandered around, found some pumps.  Duncan tries to hard to be cool, ALWAYS.

Tori was just enjoying the fun of it all.  Can you tell?  She gets very focused at times.

Samantha was hard to catch.  I swear the girl doesn't understand how to stay with me.  So we took pictures with the other three.  Per Duncan's request.

We took off and picked our pumpkins.

Jason was more interested in laying in the dirt.

After we finished with Dinner we headed home, and I went up to the In-Laws for a little female bonding.  We crafted.  I made this lovely witch.  The original witch had stringy ribbon? hair.  I decided my witch needed and Afro.  I stopped at the craft store and picked up a wig.  I cut it apart and glued it on.  Yes.  I'm VERY proud of my addition.

This is my witch and the pumpkins all together.  All in all it was a fun day. 

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