Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 3rd

I didn't want to wake Jason up this morning. He actually slept last night and I really wanted to sleep in! I did wake him up and told him it was time for school. He stretched for a while but got out of bed and walked into the front room. Samantha has been dying to use my lunch bag so she had to have home lunch today. she was busy getting her lunch together while i got Jason's chocolate milk. I made sure Sam got next door and Jason and i got in our van. There was only a tiny bit of whining when it came time for the school van. He now only fights for a second or two and then climbs on in. I went home and got to work. It's been very nice being able to actually work, when I'm working. When Jason is home it's a race to see how much I can get done before he comes and gets me out of my chair. I let the two crazy dogs in for lunch and am now waiting at the smiths parking lot for my baby to get home from school. I'm looking forward to snuggling with him for a few minutes before everyone else gets home from school.
When Jason got off the the school van he hoped skipped and jumped to the van.  He's such a sweet boy.

We went home and he wanted a bottle and a snuggle.  But he just started freaking out.  He messed up my phone somehow.  The volume is gone  It thinks that it's plugged into something and so the volume on the videos is gone.  He threw a fit for about 2 1/2 hours and tried to bite me.  I'm hoping we can get him a new iPad soon, so that will solve that problem for a few months.

Duncan, Tori and Sam are home now, doing homework and practicing instruments.  Jason's mood is back to happy, and I'm trying to get a little extra work done.  We will have Parent Teacher Conferences tonight .  I'm hoping for good news. 

Parent Teacher Conferences were wonderful.  Both kids were praised by all their teachers.  We just went line by line and took turns holding places in line so that it went faster.  (Which wasn't that fast).  .Both of their music teachers raved about them.  Duncan is missing a couple assignments but nothing like last year, and they can be turned in.  Tori is only missing one or two things, and she can make-up and redo a few of her assignments so she would be able to turn those in again.  We spent the last 20 minutes or so in Duncan's Peer Tutoring class.  His teacher loves him, and is so grateful for his help.  He was basically advising Duncan that there are many, many jobs out there that would be able to help people with Special Needs.  He says that this is a big strength for him and that he is proud to have him in his class.  I have a pretty sweet boy.

Both are doing well, grade wise, and I'm proud of them.

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