Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 20th

The night before Jason's Birthday he didn't sleep.  I texted his teacher at 4:30 am to let her know that he hadn't slept.  This is one of the reasons that can be excused for his absence.  If these little monkeys don't sleep, learning is nearly impossible.  So when he did finally fall asleep about 6:30 am Jason and I slept in.  This is the funny look he gave me when he woke up.

I don't know if he understood he wasn't going to school, but he was such a happy boy.

For dinner we went to McDonald's with Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway.  Grandma figured he would like this much more then going to a sit down restaurant.  The other kids enjoyed it as well.

We got some ice cream to finish it off.  Jason gets a little one, of course.  He enjoyed making a mess.

Duncan loved being silly.

So did Samantha.

So did Tori....well I guess all my kids like to be silly.

Grandma and Grandpa bought Jason some puffy stickers.  He was so excited he passed out kisses.

Duncan followed Jason around for me.  He loved the dead ends more then anything.

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