Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 2nd

We went to another parents training for NUAP last night. A lot if it was talking about fund raising. I know that's how the program is helped but whenever people talk about fundraisers I get overwhelmed. Life is stressful enough. Adding one more thing sometimes just adds enough pressure for me to feel like I'm drowning. I'm sorry if I hound anyone about a fundraiser hopefully you all understand.

We did have a lady tell us that they had invested in a tent that fits on your child's bed and zips from the outside. Her son hates it but many parents swear by it. She will charge us $100.00 so I'm not sure if we can buy it from them, but it might be an option.

Jason and Samantha had fun on the playground. Sam dug a hole under the wall of it and Jason climbed on everything. When we got outside Sam and an Aide were trying to get his shoes back on.

Duncan and Tori stayed at home. Tori is almost done reading the twilight series and she wanted to keep reading. Duncan had Curtis over and he really wanted to stay home. Well, that was last night. :)

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