Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 18th

September 18th I got Jason out of bed and told him over and over that we were going to go to school.  I hoped that he would have a good enough time the day before that he would be ok with going to school the next day.  Once he realized I was going to put him in that van he lost it.  Broke my heart again.

I got a phone call from Duncan that he had a head ache.  Every time something like this happens I think....well this is why I've worked at home for as long as I have.  I need to be there for my kids.

That evening was the Parent Training.for Jason's school.  We learned a few things about what they do at school.  Basically I think that these meetings are Group Therapy.  The kids got to play on the playground and got popsicles. Samantha I think enjoyed herself as much as Jason did on the playground.

Duncan said that the Aides kept telling him "Thanks for helping Jason".  He said that he didn't realize he was Jason's brother for a while.  I think he doesn't realize that having a 13 year old boy helping his little brother with special needs is not a common thing.

Tori was helping to clean up the toys when I got out there.  She is such a sweet girl.

Jason loves the playground!  He would not leave his shoes on.

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Kari said...

What sweet kids!