Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today's Stuff

This morning I had training again. I'm not sure who is going to have a tougher time with my training. Jason or my In-Laws. He can be such a handful! It doesn't help of course that they have the other three kids. The girls just seem to fight more then usual. I think it will be good for them to go to school.

Then we ran over to Duncan's Jr. High. We needed to see about pictures, and his schedule. Tomorrow is back to school night, but we had to try his locker and find his classes anyway.
He's more excited about his locker than anything!!!
Than it was time for the gym and soccer practice. I'm really sore. It's been over two weeks since I went to the gym last, and my legs and back hurt. Next will be my arms......

I went back to pick up Brett and Duncan from soccer practice. They still had about half an hour. Jason decided it was time to play on the play ground.
I love my boy!!
He has decided this is a pretty cool part of the play ground.
He finally got the "hang" of hanging. I still have to push him back and forth, but he is for the most part staying on the bar.
He figured out how to climb up the twisty slide. Of course he might not have thought of this, except Samantha showed him that it was possible.
So I had to chase him up to save him. Than I followed him down the slide. He thought this was a fabulous game. Every time I followed him down the slide, he would giggle. The last time I went down after him, he watched for me and waited for me to follow him.
He started up again, and I wanted to get a picture of him compared to the slide. At this point I noticed that there was nobody on the soccer field.
I had noticed Tori coming over to the play ground a little while before and then she was walking away. I thought she probably decided she didn't want to play with us. However she was supposed to come and find us to tell us that it was time to go home. I don't think she made it even half way across the field. I started laughing and grabbed Jason and got him moving toward the road. Brett called his phone, (which I had with me) to find out where on earth we were. I giggled and advised him we were still at the school. So just be aware of your surrounding when you are going down the slide with your 3 year old.

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