Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Speech Therapy

I had to get Jason to speech therapy by 8:00am. This morning was somewhat unsuccessful so I got there about 8:15am. Gotta love my ability to get moving in the morning. Last week the speech therapist talked about finding something that Jason could see the sound waves. See that something happens when we speak. He will sometimes move his lips similar to what Greg and I are doing, but no sound comes out. I discussed this with my brother Jeff, a few weeks ago. He suggested an oscillator. This wasn't exactly what I needed, but it led me to this!

When I got to speech and Jason was inside of the barrel, I pulled it out to show the speech therapist. He was so excited, he told me he would probably have an iPad by next week. Greg would say "AAAAAAA" and point to the iPad. After that if Jason would make some kind of noise that remotely resembled the sound and was looking at the iPad, Greg and I clapped and cheered. I think the visual clues will be a benefit for Jason.

Jason was getting frustrated by the fact that we wouldn't let him have the iPad so I had to put it away for the very end of the appointment. Jason is really responding to "Ready, Set, GO!" It was fun to see him actually PLAYING with cars!!!

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