Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Duncan had an assignment in Honors English. I was quite impressed with his writing so I thought I would post it here.


Have you ever heard of a person with only three characteristics? I sure haven’t. Because everyone has hundreds of traits, choosing just three is near impossible. I love technology, my family, laughter, and much more. But I managed to decide on a rock, a joke, and a bar of soap to tell Duncan Lutz’s story.

Rocks aren’t only for skipping you know. The reason I put a rock in my bag is that a rock is steady and stands firm. When dealing with a challenge I am steady. Experience has shaped me like a rock is shaped by the wind and the water. This has helped me learn how to treat others. Having an autistic brother has helped me learn how to take care for small children. Taking karate for four years helped me learn how to take care of myself.

The Joke represents a good spirit. I can laugh at myself, and I’m not easily offended. I have lots of friends because I’m easily liked! The way I think about laughter is that its fuel. One laugh can light up a whole room. Being happy is a choice and I make that choice a lot.

The bar of soap represents cleanliness both in thought, speech, and action. Soap can clean the outside of your body, but to really be clean you have to make good choices. A dirty joke may be funny to you but it may not be to someone else, so if you tell dirty joke others might lose respect for you. If you make good choices, and are respectful of others you will have a good reputation. I am a good example of that.

I am steady and firm in my convictions. I like to laugh and make people happy. I try to make good choices. That is why a rock, a joke, and a bar of soap represent me.

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