Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mormon Channel and Back to School Night

Duncan had an awesome opportunity to be on a radio broadcast for the Mormon Channel. He was so excited he couldn't stop talking about it for three days. I got an email from the casting guy letting him know when to be there. I was checking all day, and the one time he
checked my email it was there. When I came downstairs to check again, I had an "out of office reply." I asked Duncan if he had sent a reply and of course he had. Here it is.
Hi Ben!

Thanks for the information I only have one question, what should I wear? I’m guessing what I would wear to church, but I’m not sure contact me.

But with the ‘going casually’ part I listened to some of the episodes to see what to expect well thanks bye!

Sincerely Duncan Lutz

This seriously made me giggle so I had to post it here.

Grandpa Siddoway took him out there, and was able to spend the time with him. Dick said he was so excited, he could hardly sit still. They said a prayer before they started and the lady prayed that they would be able to touch young people all over the world. Duncan said that made him nervous and he got really tense there.

Dick said he was quite impressed on the grasp the four young people had on Repentance and the Atonement. Duncan struggled with nerves for a little while but was able to pull himself around to being normal. I asked him if it was just a fun experience, or if it was both fun and spiritual. He looked confused. I guess he hasn't learned that a spiritual experience can also be fun...=)

Duncan said it was an awesome experience, and he would do it again in a heart beat. He said he will email the casting guy to let him know that if they ever need him again, he will be there.

They said that it will be aired in a couple of months. I'll post the link to the podcast here when it finally airs.

Look how studly he thinks he is!

This was the crew that did the show. They had one more kid that they called on the phone from idaho. He was for sure the youngest of the group.
After dinner it was time for Back to School Night. Duncan got to meet all his teachers, and we were able to pick up the supply lists and what not.

The most important thing was remembering his locker com and being able to open it.
He will have a lot of homework. He is in Honor's English and Honor's Science. He has a bug collection due on the 23rd, so he will need to kick it into high gear. Hopefully he will want to do his homework and I won't have to sit with him the whole time he's doing it. =)

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